Software Management


Our modular approach increases productivity by fully managing end-user systems and devices.Services include remotely-delivered Operating System image creation, deployment and maintenance throughout the entire life cycle.


Also, our software packaging, distribution and Patch management solution provide real-time overview on application usage and health.



Image management - We standardize the base image that our Customers use across its workstations or server environment. This will reduce the time and money needed to manage the builds and images deployed in the environment. A standard image across an enterprise reduces the complexity of on-site tasks and provides a consistent process for operability and maintenance, reducing the time for the image to be made available to end users.


Software packaging - A software package management allows a comfortable management of software on an operating system. This includes the installation, update and un-installation of software in a packaged form. Therefor several tools can be used, i.e. InstallShield or Wise for Windows Installer. The software package is built to install silently using customer specifications, including any application level customizations and configurations.


Software Distribution - is the electronic distribution (across the network) and installation of workstation software packages and/or other content from a central distribution point using distribution and installation tools with minimum or no end-user intervention. The main goal of this service is to optimize the installation or deployment process in order to reduce time and effort. The automated software distribution enables accurate tracking of the software installations.


Patch management - simplifies the complex task of delivering and managing updates to IT systems across the enterprise. An effective software update management process is necessary to maintain operational efficiency, overcome security issues, and maintain the stability of the systems infrastructure.